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About Me

Hi! My name is Sakshi Vaashiisht, and I work as a part-time freelance content writer. I love writing because it allows me to creatively express myself. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work as a full-time professional trainer and a content developer for some of the world's largest corporations and leading training consulting firms. However, I felt more inclined to follow my passion of writing articles online. I first identified my passion for writing during school and got an opportunity to write an article and a poem for the Ministry of Finance, India's official yearly magazine, during the 1990's.

I have 4+ years of experience with writing ghost articles on boosting sales, local marketing strategies, travel write-ups, leading five hospitals in Thodupuzha, hydroponics suppliers in Dubai, yoga and naturopathy, motivational/training related articles, and finding a web design/SEO based company in Kottayam. I also wrote a few spiritually based ads/content for a few of my fellow spiritual practitioners and friends. Check out my professional content writer portfolio at INGENOUS by Sakshi Vaashiisht.

I also run a spiritual blog that allows me to share my insights into the spiritual world. If you're interested in learning more about spirituality and energy healing, I encourage you to check out my spiritual blog, स्पष्ट आत्मन Clear Conscience.

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  “What makes to be a great leader?” When defining the term "leadership," it encompasses the ability of an individual or organization to "LEAD" or "GUIDE" other individuals, teams, or an entire organization . Although leadership is not limited to this above-mentioned definition, it goes beyond the boundaries of just managing people and achieving targets. It's been more than a decade working in the industry and I still see a lack of leadership in certain areas or departments, which must be addressed cautiously by organizations because it depends on a leader's ability to lead and drive results. We need leaders, not just managers, in organizations in order to achieve high-end results from our employees. It is true that in order to succeed, "knowledge and skill" are essential for an organization. However, it is also important to know how this knowledge and skill is being incorporated and if it is bringing actual results for your organizati

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Training is crucial to any organization's development and success. It is beneficial for both employers and employees of an organization. An employee will become more efficient and productive if he/she is trained well and possesses polished skills. Efficient support succession planning boosts employee value, lowers attrition rates, improves operational efficiency, and outperforms industry standards. Training your employees in industry-standard best practices could also assist you in building your reputation and remaining a step ahead of your competitors. As an employee, many would have felt disheartened and discouraged when, despite all their technical skills and expertise, they fail to stand out from the crowd and every time someone else succeeds with their outplay. They must have wondered, what is so special about others that they might be lacking? Had you or your employees been in such a situation? If so, you must be waiting to know what that is. Have you been in a situation w

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Being assertive or rigid, there’s a fine line between the two. One must learn to differentiate between the two to make the right choice. Many of you may have heard of being assertive , especially during your training or maybe someone has given you feedback in the past that you must learn to be assertive. However, during the process of becoming assertive without proper guidance and coaching, we sometimes end up becoming more rude and rigid towards others, gaining their thumbs down instead of a positive response. Do you often relate to this concept when someone approaches you and asks you to assist him/her with something, and your response, rather than explaining why you can't help them right now, gives the impression that "She is rude or why is he like that?" This could be because either you do not completely understand the meaning of being assertive, or if you know, maybe you are using it in the wrong manner by not identifying the fine line between being assertive and